How to get rid of excess weight quickly

How to get rid of excess weight quickly

Many people suffer from excessive weight gain, which makes them look unpleasant, making them feel embarrassed and keep away from others. There are many things that cause weight gain, such as unhealthy diets, lack of movement, heredity, etc. i will mentionĀ  several steps to get rid of this increase , in addition to several natural recipes for that, and some tips.

Steps to get rid of excess weight

  1. Divide meals into portions, so that the three main meals are divided into six small meals, especially in fast foods such as pasta and pizza. This division eliminates hunger, regulates digestion, In addition to high calorie burning rate.
  2. Drinking large amounts of water reduces weight and keeps the body healthy. to achieve thatĀ  two cups of water must be drunk in the morning on the empty stomach, and two cups are also consumed before starting to eat basic meals.
  3. Increase activity by walking at home, or anywhere at a fast pace, or using the stairs to walk from time to time, and not staying in the same place for a long time. These movements melt excess fat in the body, thus causing a decrease in weight.
  4. Avoid junk food, and replace it with healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, and some nuts. These foods reduce excess weight quickly
  5. Commitment to exercise three days a week, focus on the area full of fat, and Some useful sports are:: running, swimming, walking

Natural recipes to get rid of weight

  • Oatmeal recipe: to prepare this recipe we need two small tablespoons of the following ingredients: oat bran, cinnamon, honey, in addition to the juice of half a piece of lemon, and a cup of hot water, mix all ingredients well, and take a spoon of the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and a second spoon before bed
  • Green tea recipe: This recipe requires two teaspoons of grated ginger, 2 small pomegranate peel, 2 large spoon of mints, and a cup of green tea. Bring the green tea, then add all the ingredients to it, leave it for 10 minutes, then Half the mixture, and eat a cup of it after eating meals.
  • Lemon recipe: Mix two cups of lemon juice with two cups of water, and then drink the mixture immediately after waking up from sleep, on empty stomach.

Other weight loss tips

  • Eating slowly, this method reduces the amount of calories consumed.
  • Combine a healthy diet with exercise that results in rapid weight loss.
  • Sleep for enough hours at night, not less than seven hours continuous.
  • Refer to your doctor for a safe and appropriate diet.


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