How To Boost Your Conversion Rate For Maximum Profit

How To Boost Your Conversion Rate For Maximum Profit

Her are some tips you can use in your sale letter to boost your conversion to the roof and make more sales leaving your competition in your dust

Head Line & Sub Head Line

1- Use Red Color in Your Headline

The red color indicate urgency or importance and help to grab your visitors attention, so it is advisable to use red as the color of your headline plus it can be used with almost any theme color suitably

Note: If red won’t suite your sale letter’s color theme you can use black with yellow highlight in the background

2- Your Headline Font Must be Larger Than The Rest of Your Letter

The purpose of your headline is to grab your visitors attention ,thus it is important for your headline to stand out from the rest of your font that you use in your sale letter , usually it should be 1 or 2 times larger than your standard font

 3- Signify a Benefit or a Summary of Your Offer in Your Headline

The benefit should often refer to your visitor or prospect not you or someone else , even if you are using another character in your headline , make sure that it ultimately has to do with your prospect and how it could benefit him

4- Introduce a Character in Your Headline 

It makes your sales letter more interesting to read  , and make sure it relate to your prospect for example

Discover How A 20 Year Old Student Is Making Four Times More In Income Than His Teacher On The Internet 

This Headline is aimed at young who want to know how to make money online


How A 30 Year Old Unemployed Chap Broke Out Of Bankruptcy And Became Financially Free … And How you Can Do It Too

This headline is best aimed at people who are broke or bankrupt and how they can improve their financial situation

Depending on the nature of your product or service , the more you can relate it to the majority of your prospects the higher the chances you can hook them to read your sale letter and then hopefully purchase from you .

5- Your Sub Headline Must encourage Your readers to Continue reading 

The sub headline goes on to explore other benefits for your prospect to encourage them to continue reading , the sub headline is generally smaller than your headline in font size (by 1) and often is differently colored too , black is a suitable color for sub headline

In another word you should make your prospect feel that they owe it to themselves to read every line of your sale letter .

6- Don’t Use Too Many Words in The Headline

Use in between 20 to 25 words for your headline and 4-6 lines , don’t make your headline too long to read otherwise your prospects would just get lazy immediately and leave your sale page without knowing the full benefit of your offer

Start of Your Sale Letter 

1- Start Your Letter With Story

Many average sales copies today are written in such a boring manner. You can immediately hook your prospect’s interest by relating a fable or preferably a true story , most importantly, the story must have to do with your offer later in the middle of your sales copy

2-Address an important or critical issue

If your product is closely related to a very important or critical recent issue faced by majority of your prospects, there is no better case scenario than this (or niche marketing at its best as I’d like to call)! , for instance, if most of your prospects are currently facing a problem with something then you can write your opening letter addressing that problem

3- Make Safe Presumptions about Your Prospect.

While some successful people adopt the “don’t make presumption” attitude, the truth is that you can still make some safe assumptions now and then… and people DO make assumptions now and then, whether they know it or not.

Here’s another fact: people can be predictable

This is proven in an informal study when a speaker asked the audience 3 simple questions. They didn’t have to reply him just yet and they were instructed to only remember their answers.

The 3 questions he asked were

  • Think of one number
  • Think of a color
  • Think of a flower

When the audience made their mind up in a flash, he went to ask, “For the first question, how many of you were thinking of ‘7’?” Easily more than 75% of the floor raised their hands up.this was also the case when he asked if they were thinking of blue and rose for the subsequent questions. Overall, he guessed AT LEAST ONE answer correctly of the 3 questions… more than 75% of the time!

While this was a mere study, it goes to show that people are predictable and as long as you understand the majority of your prospects and their needs, you would’ve qualified a big fraction of them!

For example

“Chances are that you have failed in your past trying to make money online  or this is your first try”


“I have a suspicion that you’re on a tight budget and have less than a few hundreds to spend on your marketing and advertising”

4-Be sure to Follow in by Mentioning a Problem your Prospect is Facing

You have to qualify your prospects by telling them the problem they are facing. and then, you want to make the problem “sound” BIGGER, as if it’s a real big deal.

Remember! Be careful not to go overboard with exaggeration, but you want to make it really important that your prospect should tackle the problem a.s.a.p. (with your product or service, of course).

5. Don’t Forget to Introduce Yourself!

You don’t have to make it super fanciful, though. A simple introduction would suffice. For example:

“My name is John Doe and I have been making money online for a living since 2002.”

The Middle Section of Your Sales Letter

1. Introduce your solution through your product or service.

You may want to show your prospect some other alternatives before showing them your solution, but show them to be somewhat less viable than yours.

For example :

Sure, you can attend a seminar but UNLESS you have the deep pockets, this option is well way out. And guesswork? Forget it. You don’t have the risk tolerance for more financial mistakes and no more time to waste!

So what’s the best solution?

Introducing “Product Name Here”…

2. Put all your benefits in bullet form.

There is no better way than to highlight all the benefits of your product or service out in bullet form (spaced out in between) like:

⇒ benefit #1

⇒ benefit #2

⇒ benefit #3

Important! Don’t confuse benefits with features. Features are what your product may appear and look like. Benefits are what the product can DO for your prospect’s good.

For example:

Feature: The product comes in PDF format.

Benefit: You can download the product instantly and not have to wait for 4 weeks of delivery!

Feature: The E-Book is 50 pages long.

Benefits: My report doesn’t carry fluffs, hypes and “beat around the bush” material. You get strictly all of what you need to know from my report and I promise you all your guesswork will be eliminated 50 pages later!

3. Give only hints in the benefits, but don’t give the secret away!

Because when you give the secrets or the contents of your product away, there really is no point in prospects buying your product… because all the core information are readily available in your sales letter!

Also, don’t make it easy for people to guess your contents or secrets.

For example:

⇒ Discover the one little trick you can use to maximize your conversion rate… just by adding this ONE word to your headline!


⇒ How to use this secret tool to build your mailing list at ZERO COST!

4. Stress more on “What’s in it for your prospects” and don’t be too much of yourself.

In other words, abstain from using too many “I”s and more of “YOU”s in your benefits. Generally, people don’t like self-centered people (even if they are themselves).

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