Blogging for Your Business

Blogging for Your Business

What’s the number one reason for creating a blog for your
business? To get customers to buy your products and/or services.
Easier said than done, eh? Well, not really. It’s still a
fairly simple process, and this is where you will begin to see
the true power of blogging. On the Internet traffic gets
bogged down at only a few places: search engines and social
mediums. All you have to do is figure out a way to “redirect” or
detour that traffic to your website… And a blog is the PERFECT
way to do this. You see, search engines, like Google, LOVE
blogs. They love blogs because blogs are dynamic, and they
continuously have new content for their little hungry spiders to
crawl and index. In fact, Google loves blogs SO much that they
went out and acquired their own blogging platform called: Okay, that’s cool and all, but how exactly does
it work? Here’s how it works. When you create a new post,
your blogging platform “pings” search engines and blog
directories. This is essentially your blog saying, “He y Google
! I’ve got som e new content for you… Send over your little
spiders and eat it up!” Because of this your blog posts will
get indexed faster, and because of this you will get listed
higher and higher in Google every time you publish a new post.

Fact is, Google loves all blogging platforms! And not all
blogging platforms are created equal some are better than others

One of the best, and most extensible, is WordPress.

WordPress is a free blogging platform which you can install onto
your own web server Also, WordPress is user friendly. If you
can use Microsoft Word you can use WordPress: WordPress uses a
“What You See IS What You Get” (WYIWYG) editor. Essentially, you
just type as you would in Word Document, and hit the publish
button. There is no need to know any HTML, PHP, Java and so
forth… Nor a need to hire a web designer each and every time
you need to edit a page or add a new one. This alone will save
you untold hundreds, and possibly thousands, of dollars.

You can install wordpress in your website very easily in fact just by one
click from your cpanel in your hosting account , to acquire your hosting
account and get your website up an running check my number one
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How You Can Grow Your Business Using
Wordpress and Blogging.

First off, you will need to build your traffic. WordPress gives
you multiple ways to do this. WordPress has built in natural
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. Such as, customizable
links, tagging, search engine pinging, correct use of HTML markup
and so much more. However, you can extend the SEO features of
Wordpress further by simply installing a new plugin. There are
literally hundreds of SEO plugins for the WordPress platform, and
the majority of them are FREE.

But SEO is not the only way to build traffic and expand your
product awareness. Search engines and Google are just one place
where you can detour traffic to your website… There are other
sources. You can tap into the power of social media by taking
your blog viral, and by redirecting traffic from Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, and all of the other dozens of social

When a reader enjoys the post and “Likes” the blog post… The
blog post will be shared with their Facebook friends and family
And the best part? The friend can click on the link that was
shared via Facebook and visit your blog for themselves to see WHY
their buddy “liked” your blog post. This is how your blog can
go viral, and it’s a powerful tactic. In fact, there are
multiple ways you can do this using Facebook, twitter and so forth

One of the reasons for blogging was to “Connect with Like- minded
People”. Well, you can do the same with your business blog. But
instead of connecting with like-minded people… You are
connecting with industry leaders.

When you have a blog, you become an expert in your field. Why?
Well, people believe if you can talk extensively on a subject AND
you seem to know what you’re talking about… Then, you must be
an expert right? I mean… You know more than I do, so you MUST
be an expert.

Because of this “expert” status you begin to rub elbows with
other industry experts. When that happens, it just builds upon
your credibility AND it allows you to create joint venture deals
with those experts. Now you become an industry leader

As you can clearly see, blogging is a powerful marketing
platform, and more and more people are turning to the Internet
for the products and services they need today.

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