About Me

About Me

Hi my name is F. Mohamed I’m trying to make money online for over six years , I almost tried every thing ( affiliate marketing , network marketing ,…) and I joined a lot of programs ( direct selling , Multi level marketing , Matrixes , Revshares , Cyclers, … ets) with no success .

I kept jumping from program to program searching for the holy grail putting in countless hours, day after day, with virtually nothing to show for it , yes I made couple of dollars here and there but I lost a lot of money .

I didn’t give up because there is something inside me telling me that one day I will make it but I have to do something different this time to achieve that goal

Finally I figured out what to do to be successful online I have to find myself a mentor who can guide me and show me the way , after a lot of struggle I found that mentor and I’m on my way to internet success now , yes it will take time and need efforts but believe me it is worth it

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